Title Author Publication Date Type of Publication Pages Date Added
Documenting the Existence of the Flat Earth Society Robert P.J. Day 1993-01-01 Web Article 4 2014-02-07
Flat Earth Mythology and Fact (Biblical Astronomer, No. 94) Biblical Astronomer 2000-01-01 Web Article 8 2014-02-07
Flat Earth eBook Ethical Atheist 2005/1/1/ Web Article 4 2014-02-07
Bible's Flat Earth Solid Sky Dome Universe Goatstar.org Unknown Web Article 4 2014-02-07
Flat Earth Society calls SpaceShipOne Flight Fraud Bentinel Unknown Web Article 1 2014-02-07
Planar Conspiracy: A Conversation with a Flat Earth Believer Brian Whitney 2016-03-10 Web Article 1 2016-05-14
Do they really think the earth is flat? Brendan O'Neil 2008-08-04 Web Article 1 2016-05-14
The Flat Earth Society Sábado 2017-06-03 Web Article 1 2017-06-03