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Are You Controlled Opposition?


Is the Flat Earth connected to any religion?

While almost every religion shares a common worldview of a dome shaped earth, we have no official connection with any established religions. However, it would be impossible to deny the strong historical ties with Christianity by past Presidents of the Society.

What Is Some Of The Evidence You Have?

There are several readily apparent proofs of the planets flatness. The horizon always rises to meet eye level - which is impossible on a ball earth. The surfaces of bodies of water has been shown to be level. If the Earth was a Globe, this would not be the case. There is no visible curvature to the horizon even from airplanes. We don't even have a full shot of the Earth rotating from space! One almost has to ask - is there any real evidence the Earth is a Globe?

Our Library also has a great selection of books that further detail proof of the planar Earth.

What about pictures from space?

There are a plethora of resources available that show us we can't trust the photographic evidence from organizations such as NASA. Some of the evidences that these should be discounted include constant changes in their depiction of the Earth, inconsistent lighting in moon footage, and other irregularities which are discussed in depth by those who believe the Moon landing was a hoax.

What about Astronauts?

Most Flat Earthers think Astronauts have been bribed or coerced into their testimonies. Some believe they have been fooled or are mistaken.

Why Would People Lie About The Shape Of The Earth?

There are three common explanations for this, but in the end without toppling the Planar Conspiracy there is no real way to know.

  • To Maintain Legitimacy: During the Cold War we faked the moon landing. Shortly after they realized the reason they could not reach the moon was due to the flatness of the Earth. They were stuck in a lie, and had to continue it or lose legitimacy of our governments. Even today we would still hold onto this lie due to role Science plays in our ruling government.
  • To hide the truth of the Bible.
  • To Gain Power and Money: By siphoning off the space budgets and denying the world the resources of the Antarctic they gain a considerable amount of power and wealth.

What does the map of the Earth look like then?

As evidenced by the logo of the United Nations the Earth is a round disk of indefinite dimensions. The geographic North Pole is located in the center of the disk, and the Antarctic lies around the outer edges.

How Can One Circumnavigate The Earth?

Circumnavigation of the Earth is simply travelling a circular path around the North Pole.

What About Seasons?

The radius of the sun's orbit around the Earth's axis symmetry varies throughout the year, being smallest when summer is in the northern annulus and largest when it is summer in the southern annulus. Additionally it also raises and lowers. This causes the effect of the sun appearing to move in a figure eight throughout a year.

What about Day/Night and Sunrise/Sunset?

The sun simply illuminates only a portion of the earth at a time. This also explains timezones as we can then see the path of the Sun, a circle above the flat earth.

Can't you see the Curvature from an Airplane?

No. Even if the Earth was a globe this would be an impossibility. We have testimonies from several pilots saying that no curvature can be seen at Commercial Airline heights. It has been suggested that airplane windows serve to distort the view of passengers and make them believe they see curvature when indeed there is none. This was likely a ploy by early airline companies to sell more tickets.

Did Eratosthenes Not Prove The Earth Was A Globe?

No. Actually Eratosthenes assumed the Earth was a globe to calculate the circumference of the Earth. Taoists performed the same experiment much earlier and came to the conclusion that the Earth was Flat. This was independently conceived much later in the 1800's by followers of Samuel Rowbotham.

What About the ISS and Satellites?

While one can see satellites in the sky at night, it is generally agreed upon that they are not actual satellites but pseudolites or stratolites put there to fool us.

What Is Gravity?

Gravity as a theory is false. Objects simply fall.

In the flat earth community there are several theories as to why this happens. Some attempt to explain this with use of mechanics like electromagnetism, density, or pressure. Others make use of traditional mathematics, such as the infinite plane model, and others a new look at the problem - such as the non-euclidean model.

What is certain is sphere earth gravity is not tenable in any way shape or form.

Is The Earth Accelerating Upwards?

No. This is popular theory among some small groups to explain gravity, but it is problematic at best. The Earth Is Stationary. We are not whizzing about in space at 67,000 miles/hour or at speeds accelerating towards the speed of light.

Doesn't Gravity Pull Things Into A Sphere?

Actually, it can shown that an infinite plane would be a more stable form for gravity to pull things into. As mentioned above though, sphere earth gravity is a lie. Many will attempt to say rain drops form spheres due to gravity. Of course this is ridiculous - when they do form spheres (which is a minority of the time) it is due to surface tension.

Is There An Edge To The Earth?

The Flat Earth Society, along with previous notable flatists such as Samuel Shenton and S. Rowbotham, believe there is no end to the Earth and that it continues indefinitely. The only edge to the earth is the one you are standing on. Some math describing this can be found in our blog article The Mathematics of an Infinite Earth

Why Would Earth Be The Only Flat Planet?

This betrays a logical fallacy. Karl Popper relates it like this; you may spend your whole life seeing only grey geese. This would lead you to assume there were only grey geese. Of course the next day you might wake up and see a white goose. Earth, in this analogy, is the white goose.

What is the Dome? The Firmament? The Vault of Heaven?

The area where we live on the Flat Earth is encased within a Dome, or Firmament. In some texts its also referred to as The Vault of Heaven. Found in a very surprising amount of religions and societies, the idea can be traced to Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, and Christian world-views, and likely a great many more. Even some Native American tribes were said to see the night sky like a tent. The stars? They were little holes poked in the hide of the tent.

As a scientific explanation it serves very well. It was after all only with Copernicus that we started to question the idea of the Firmament. By then we already knew quite a bit about calculating and predicting the movement of the heavens.