Hello everyone, I am Mark Sargent and I am doing an exclusive video interview for John Davis of the Flat Earth Society, and he has a few question. And so I am going to read you his email and answer his questions as we go along.

Hey Mark,

Had a few hitches along the way but here's the interview. Answer as fully or as briefly as you'd like and I can either put it up in its entirety or frame quotes within an article. Send me any media you'd like included as well. I've got a few other notable flatists I'm interviewing but I'd like to have yours up first.

First off I wanted to thank you for taking the time to interview with us.

You are welcome

We've been getting lots of press lately, including having B.o.B officially register as a member of the Society as well as the huge youtube follow you and others have cultivated. Not only this but we've been mentioned on several television shows. Given our reach, what do you think is the best next move for the Flat Earth Community?

Honestly just saturation. Just getting the word out there. Any media format that you wish, I don't care what it is. Get the word out there, tell people. This doesn't mean overtly go up to people and say 'the Earth is Flat!' Come at them sideways. Size up who you are talking to. What I say in a lot of my things is the first rule of flat club is not to talk about flat club. Which means size up who you are talking to. It is important that you know what your audience is. There's a huge amount of the population that doesn't know, and yeah you can look it up in the media now and find it, but there's a lot of people that don't know its a serious serious topic.

I see a lot of fighting amongst the community on whose view is right and who is a 'shill'. Others have compared it to the fighting between different sects of a religion on their particular beliefs, but I see it more as the rigorous and sometimes heated fight you see in the evolution of any idea. Do you think this kind of rhetoric is helpful discourse?

Yeah, I do. I did a little kinda parody thing. I took a part of Monty Python's Life of Brian where Brian was accused of being the Christ and was chased around the city and at one point he had dropped a shoe and kept running because he didn't want to be caught. And they came to the shoe and they thought it held religious significance, and they were trying to decipher it. And everyone jumping on it saying, 'oh well it means he wants us to collect shoes!' , "oh he wants us to put shoes on a pedestal!"

And of course they all misread it, but at the same time the enthusiasm was so amazing that you could see, and I think Monty Python did it deliberately, all these religions forming over what was seemingly a benign act. And that's really what we are running into now, although its not a benign act - but everyone is trying to come up with a meaning for it. There's so much enthusiasm and you gotta see that as something that's real and something that's legitimate because the enthusiasm is what drives people. This is not a boring topic by any stretch. If anything, the infighting shows you how passionate it is, and how, what I consider, real it is.

So absolutely. I think its beneficial.

What is your favorite proof of the Earth being flat?

Probably, my favorite proof is not what most people would expect. If you want to find the garden reality stuff its "go find the curve" and you can't find it anywhere - and that's what everybody is pointing to. Go to the beech, look at a mountain, look at a weather balloon - the only people showing it round are NASA. But that's not what I go with. I go with the testimony shows right now.

Remember, the burden of proof isn't on the flat earth side. Of course there is no absolute concrete proof of the Earth being Flat, because if there is we wouldn't even be talking about this right now. The world would be turned upside down and there would be a lot of chaos out there. So, what I'm looking at are those testimony shows that I'm doing over the last 6-8 months, where there are all these people coming forward who are from all branches of the armed forces, pilots, and engineers, and subject matter area experts, and just about everything - about 17 so far, and they've all said the same thing they have all gone in line with their stories which is that there's something wrong. One, the earth doesn't appear to have a curve to it, its not spinning, and the map's are wrong.

They are all going along with it, and nobody retracted it. None of these people retracted it. None came back and said "you know what, I want my testimony retracted. I don't believe the flat earth anymore. You combine that, nobody has even come out against them, so you think especially with the military guys - army navy airforce marines and other military people outside the US, you'd think there would be people coming out against them from these groups and they're not.

Not only that, but to date there is not a single person - not a single person - you want my favorite proof here it is. I know its circumstantial but I don't care. My favorite proof is that nobody that has gone down the flat earth path and has said the Earth is Flat, nobody has retracted it and gone against it. One guy tried, literally one guy named Lintoo, was a flat earther with 25-35,000 subscribers on youtube, a bunch of pro-flat earth videos, and for whatever reason he flipped and he went against it and he said, you know - 'flat earth is a bunch of crap, all these people are frauds, I'm going to make a ten part serious against flat earth.'

He only got five done, then he disappeared. And by that I mean you may see a comment or two, but he's never made a video ever again. This guy did video - he didn't do this audio and narrative stuff. He was actually on camera, like I'm talking to you now. His name was tigerdan. I can't remember what the name was but just look up tigerdan and you'll be able to find him.

So that's my big proof. They are all circumstantial, but I don't care. It's not about the proof of flat earth - its about creating reasonable doubt in the globe. Which I think we've done many times over.

From what I understand from your book The Sky Is The Limit, you lean in from the religious side of things and much of your paradigm speaks to this including a dome - much like Samuel Shenton's. Could you speak a little to your model and the role of the conspiracy within it?

Yeah, I do think it's a dome. I don't necessarily follow the religious side just to say its a dome, but it doesn't hurt that all religions - the big five religions - talk about that its an enclosed system. Which is why I didn't call my main website Flat Earth Clues, or FlatEarth.com - I called it enclosedworld.com.

Yeah, Genesis 1:6 - the firmament that separates the waters above from the waters below. That's what I go after first. Wernher Von Braun, when he died his headstone - which was very modest considering he was the father of NASA and the rocket scientist, unless you count Jack Parsons, had the year of his birth, the year of his death, and then Psalms 19:1 and I had to look that up. You look it up and it says 'and the firmament shows his handy work.' Why would the father of NASA be talking about an enclosed system with a dome over it. I think that's very very interesting.

Of course you'd want an enclosed system, because you are going to want to use the dome to fake the stars and planets and everything that's up there - no different from a planetarium. You want to know what the model looks like? Go to your average planetarium in any major city. Look outside, go inside, and look at what you are looking at inside - they are very very similar. That's the argument that I put forward to people. I go, okay. You're in a planetarium and you see Mars and Jupiter, and all that stuff, then you walk outside the planetarium - How do you not know you are just not inside a bigger planetarium?

How do you know?

All the globalists come to the same - "Well NASA told us." Really? The American Space program? the ones that said they went to the moon and then no one else went to the moon after that? Those guys? The Americans would never lie about anything.

Its been heard around the flat earth water cooler that the "Byrd is the Word." Can you tell us a bit about how General Byrds expedition fits into the Flat Earth? Are there others who have first hand evidence of the flatness of the Earth?

Nobody else other than Byrd has been implicated in this at all. And yeah, he was the guy. That's why I focused on him early on in the clues. He went down there in 1928; he flew over the North pole supposedly in 1926. From 1928 up until his death in 1957 he spent most of his life in antarctica looking for something. Looking for something for almost thirty years...

What was he looking for? Why so much attention? Flying - not just going with sled dogs, tractors and stuff, he was flying in the air for 30 years. In 1954 it looked like he had given up; well he hadn't found it 25+ years later, and he did that wonderful television interview where he said Antarctica was just a wealth of resources - let's carve this thing up. And then of course Murphy's Law, as soon as you give up on something there it is, the next year Operation Deep Freeze (1955-1956) he goes down there again and finds something.

What happened spooked everyone; not just him but every country that was down there - United Kingdom, Russia, Chili, Argentina, New Zealand, Austrailia, the US. Everybody got off the ice and they sealed it off; created the Antarctic Treaty - the longest standing treaty of all time which says no corporation can go down there ever.

And its still not up to review until the year 2045.

What's your take on gravity?

Gravity is just a word. "A rose by any other name smells just as sweet". So when I drop this.

That's gravity. Why? It's just a name. It could be called hoopajoop. Gravity is just a force that either pulls or pushes this thing down to the floor. Science will say its a natural process; its a part of density [editor: of mass]. The earth is dense, and that's how it happens. But on a flat earth model, well it could also be density. I think its electromagnetic. I think its a molecular magnet that pulls things down. Think of a magnet that can pull metal. What if you had a magnet that was based on a molecular level; so it could pull organics - plastics, or wood, or anything. You just crank the dial to whatever it is. What's the difference between a molecular magnet and gravity?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

In fact we create artificial molecular magnets in game simulations and computer simulations all the time, because you have to build in the physics - you have to build in gravity. There is no real gravity in simulations, so you are just writing the program; this is what gravity is. Objects will be pulled to the ground at this speed. That's what gravity is.

If it can be simulated in software, who says it can't be simulated here.

Many like Rowbotham, Shenton, and Johnson held an infinite plane. It is of interest that these views came from interpretation of the Christian Bible, especially in the case of Charles K. Johnson who references Moses. As a more religiously minded flatist, what about this view appeals to you, and what about it do you find patently false?

I actually don't hate the infinite plane. I don't.

But I don't believe in the word infinite. I don't believe anything goes forever, because everything has a beginning and end in one form or another. I don't want to get into it too much. So when you say infinite what are you saying? 10,000 miles? 100,000 miles? A million miles?

We don't know. I try to do one world at a time. So what's outside of this structure? How far does it go outside of this structure? I don't know. Are there other pockets like us outside?

Yeah, very possible. We could be in a much bigger area with different worlds outside of this - different flat worlds that are connected together. And there are civilizations that can go between them. I believe in that. Do I think it goes on forever though? Mmm. I just don't like the word infinite. I think it could be part of a larger structure - sure. If it is, I would not lose any sleep over it.

Everybody has a favorite model. Which flat earth model do you find particularly ridiculous?

Honestly none of them. I don't think there's any flat earth model that I've really hated. There is one that has antarctica at the center, but nobody really follows that one. Its got a really really small following, so I don't really pay much attention to that.

It's still pretty fuzzy right now. That's what makes the flat earth thing really great right now. Like the Monty Python thing, everybody is moving forward in this big wide line with all these different ideas; what we all have in common is that we know its not a globe. What the details are, we are still working out. What the sun and the moon, and what the dome is shaped like, and what is happening in antarctica - everybody has got their own ideas about this; but it's kinda in flux, its kinda fuzzy. So until we get to the point where we absolutely know everybody is still kinda open for it and kinda jocking in it for position.

I don't think most of the models out there are ridiculous at all.

What is next for you?

What I'm doing now. Honestly, if you had of asked me last year right now what I'm doing I wouldn't have believed you. I've done a book, a couple apps, a couple of websites, enclosedworld.com and marksargent.com. I've done 80 something interviews, I've got my own radio show on Truth Frequency Radio.

A lot of stuff. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. I hope I can do bigger and better things. Maybe some tv stuff. Just hoping I can get the word out there. Just doing what I'm doing is what I'm focussing on right now.

Are you planning any more books?

Not right now. I didn't plan the first one to be honest. I was contacted by a published, I wasn't planning on writing it. They contacted me out of England - 'Hey we'd like to turn your transcripts into a book.' I said great, wonderful. What do I have to do? They said send the transcripts and we'll take care of the rest. I didn't really have to do much when it came to the book.

Where can we go to find some of your work?

enclosedworld.com is the free site. marksargent.com is the subscriptiong site. youtube type in flat earth clues or really any search engine and type in flat earth clues and you'll find it.

Thanks again Mark! Let me know if the Society can help your efforts in any way!

Thank you John for letting me do this exclusive interview for the Society. You guys have a good day!

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