The Conspiracy

'The Conspiracy' is the blanket term most commonly used by proponents of Zeteticism to refer to the active faking of space travel. It is most associated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), its constituents and fellow so-called "space agencies" as well as those who are informed by them (including government).

Though unknown exactly where or when the concept originated, earliest references have been attributed to the Flat Earth Society under the leadership of Samuel Shenton.

Place of the Conspiracy in FET

Motive of the Conspiracy

Evidence for the Conspiracy

Project Apollo

The Apollo program was a fraudulent NASA spaceflight endeavor which allegedly landed the first men on the moon.

Mars Missions

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Missions are robotic space missions involving various rovers which allegedly explored the surface of Mars.

Chinese Space Hoax

The Chinese have also been faking their space missions.


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