Many people unfamiliar with the Flat Earth Theory or the Society may have many preconceptions of what is believed by Flat Earthers. The reality is that many of these preconceptions are simply false, this article aims to point out these false beliefs.

"All Flat Earthers are Bible Fundamentalists"

While there are verses in The Bible which seem to support a flat Earth:

Matthew 4:8 - "Jesus is taken to a high mountain and sees all of the kingdoms of the world."

Job 38:12-13 - "God grasps the 'edge of the world'"

Job 38:14 - "The earth takes shape like clay under a seal."

among others, fundamentalist reading of The Bible has no basis upon modern Flat earth Belief.

"Circumnavigation is impossible on Flat Earth"

See Geography

"Flat Earthers are simply ignorant and ill-educated"

In fact many Flat Earthers have very high level understanding of concepts like Special Relativity and other complex sciences and actually use them to support their theories.

"Flat Earth belief is the next step up from Creationism"

again, Biblical belief has no basis on the modern Flat Earth theory and in many models of the FE universe, a Big Bang is what led to the 'creation' of Earth.

Turtles and Elephants

In the ancient Hindu religions and Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels both have their flat planets sat upon the back of four elephants stood atop a giant space faring turtle.

As far as The Flat Earth Society is aware, nobody seriously believes this anymore.

"The water would fall off a Flat Earth"

Please see either Geography or Ice Wall

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