Infinite Flat Earth

The infinite flat earth theory has been talked about by writers such as Samuel Rowbotham, Voliva and Shenton. It is a stationary geocentric earth model.

Gravitational Theory

Gravity is caused by mass and creates a finite pull.

Infinite Finite Gravitational Pull and Gauss' Law

American Flat Earth President John Davis and forum administrator jroa came up with the formulation of the gravitational pull of an infinite plane. It follows Gauss's Law for gravitation which states that an infinite slab or plane will have a finite gravitational pull equal to 2piGph where G is the gravitational constant, p is density, and h is the depth of the slab. As we can see horizontal forces "cancel" out and we are left with a converging sum for vertical components.

The mathematical formulation of this is as follows:
Infinite Plane2

Moon and Submoon

John Davis has postulated that the moon gives off its own light due to bio-luminescent life. At times, this life has been known to make its way to Terra, and fall from the heavens. It has been documented throughout history as "blood rain", "manna", and other fanciful names. The moon phases are caused by a weather system obscuring the view of manna from our sight. This weather system is created by the release of gasses from radioactive decay within moon. This is also added to by sputtering and the lunar biosystem.

Some believe that the bio-luminescence has a defensive trait that is the cause of reports of moon sickness, lunacy, and other supposedly moon related ailments.

The Tides

John Davis and James McIntyre have postulated a "sub"moon that would help explain tides. There is no experimental evidence of this body existing however.

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