Flat Earth Society Forums

'The Flat Earth Society Forums' http://www.theflatearthsociety.org/forum (link) were founded in 2004 by Daniel as a discussion forum for the newly-revived Flat Earth Society. Over the past 4 years, the forums have grown from nothing into a thriving internet community with over 15,000 members and nearly half a million posts as of August 2008.

The forums are divided into a number of subforums, each with its own purpose.

Discussion Forums

'General Discussion' - Think of this as the forums lobby. Light chat about Flat Earth topics as well as about the forums in general.

'Flat Earth Questions & Clarification' - For people to ask questions about Flat Earth theory or get clarification about some specific issue.

'Flat Earth Debate & Discussion' - This forum is reserved for serious debate and discussion of Flat Earth theory.

'Flat Earth Information Repository' - This contains articles, newsletters, and any other information pertaining to Flat Earth theory or the Flat Earth Society.

'Flat Earth Believers' - A forum specifically for believers in Flat Earth theory.

Main Forums

'Everything Else' - A place to talk about anything you want. Sports, politics, TV, hobbies.. whatever.

'Alternative Science' - A place to discuss other sciences which fall outside the mainstream scientific community.

'Religion and Philosophy' - Discussion of religion (and any spiritual issues) and philosophy.

'Complete Nonsense' - Complete Nonsense was created to help unclutter the other forums. It's essentially an 'anything goes' forum.

'Angry Ranting' - If you're planning on posting a message insulting us but don't want to bother with any thought or content, please do it in here.

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