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Earth Not a Globe
by Samuel Birley Rowbotham, PhD.

An experimental inquiry into the true figure of the Earth, proving it a plane, without orbital or axial motion, and the only known material world; its true position in the universe, comparatively recent formation, present chemical condition, and approaching destruction by fire, etc. A treatise on Zetetic Astronomy.

First Edition (225 Pages)

Second Edition (416 Pages)

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Zetetic Cosmogony
by Thomas Winship

Thomas Winship presents conclusive evidence demonstrating that the world is not a rotating-revolving globe, but a stationary plane circle. This in-depth study provides further supporting evidence for the work of Samuel Birley Rowbotham by way of test, trial, and experiment.

Second Edition (215 Pages)

One Hundred Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe
by William Carpenter

William Carpenter (1830-1896) maintained that "There are rivers that flow for hundreds of miles towards the level of the sea without falling more than a few feet? notably, the Nile, which, in a thousand miles, falls but a foot. A level expanse of this extent is quite incompatible with the idea of the Earth's 'convexity.'" Carpenter also presents aeronautic testimony that even at the great observable heights no curvature of the earth is observed, and fits with the idea of a flat-earth, since it is the nature of level surfaces to rise to a level with the human eye.

First Edition

Article: $5000 for proving the earth is a globe
by Modern Mechanics, Oct 1931

Would you like to earn $5,000? If you can prove that the world is a sphere, floating in space, turning on its own axis, revolving around the sun, you can earn a prize of that amount. Such a prize has been posted for years, offered by Wilbur Glenn Voliva, general overseer of Zion, 111. Post and Gatty didn't fly around the world, according to Wilbur Glenn Voliva, they merely flew in a circle around the North Pole. This article presents Voliva's theory of a flat world, and tells you how you can win his offer of $5,000 for proving that he is wrong.

(ed: $5000 is $65,000 adjusted for inflation)

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Movie: Flat Earth - Pantheon Movies
by Pantheon Movies

A short video produced by Pantheon Movies to illustrate the possibilities of a Flat Earth.

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Citations/Peer Reviews

A woman named Lady Bount was among the first to peer review Rowbotham's work:

"The Old Bedford Level was the scene of further experiments over the years, until in 1904, photography was used to prove that the earth is flat. Lady Blount, a staunch believer in the zetetic method hired a photographer, Mr Cifton of Dallmeyer's who arrived at the Bedford Level with the firm's latest Photo-Telescopic camera. The apparatus was set up at one end of the clear six-mile length, while at the other end Lady Blount and some scientific gentlemen hung a large, white calico sheet over the Bedford bridge so that the bottom of it was near the water. Mr Clifton, lying down near Welney bridge with his camera lens two feet above the water level, observed by telescope the hanging of the sheet, and found that he could see the whole of it down to the bottom. This surprised him, for he was an orthodox globularist and round-earth theory said that over a distance of six miles the bottom of the sheet should bemore than 20 feet below his line of sight. His photograph showed not only the entire sheet but its reflection in the water below. That was certified in his report to Lady Blount, which concluded: "I should not like to abandon the globular theory off-hand, but, as far as this particular test is concerned, I am prepared to maintain that (unless rays of light will travel in a curved path) these six miles of water present a level surface."

Mrs. Peach recently found a reference of photographic evidence from The English Mechanic, a scientific journal:

"The Flat Earth: another Bedford Canal experiment" (Bernard H.Watson, et al),
ENGLISH MECHANIC, 80:160, 1904

Bedford Canal, England. A repeat of the 1870 experiment.
"A train of empty turf-boats had just entered the Canal from the river Ouse, and
was about proceeding to Ramsey. I arranged with the captain to place the shallowest
boat last in the train, and to take me on to Welney Bridge, a distance of six
miles. A good telescope was then fixed on the lowest part of the stern of the last
boat. The sluice gate of the Old Bedford Bridge was 5ft. 8in. high, the turf-boat
moored there was 2ft. 6in. high, and the notice board was 6ft. 6in. from the water.
The sun was shining strongly upon them in the direction of the south-southwest; the
air was exceedingly still and clear, and the surface of the water smooth as a
molten mirror, so that everything was favourable for observation. At 1.15 p.m. the
train started for Welney. As the boats gradually receded, the sluice gate, the
turf-boat and the notice board continued to be visible to the naked eye for about
four miles. When the sluice gate and the turf-boat (being of a dark colour) became
somewhat indistinct, the notice board (which was white) was still plainly visible,
and remained so to the end of six miles. But on looking through the telescope all
the objects were distinctly visible throughout the whole distance. On reaching
Welney Bridge I made very careful and repeated observations, and finding several
men upon the banks of the canal, I called them to look through the telescope. They
all saw distinctly the white notice board, the sluice gate, and the black turf-boat
moored near them.

Now, as the telescope was 18in. above the water, The line of sight would touch the
horizon at one mile and a half away (if the surface were convex). The curvature of
the remaining four miles and a half would be 13ft. 6in. Hence the turf-boat should
have been 11ft., the top of the sluice gate 7ft. 10in., and the bottom of the
notice board 7ft. below the horizon.

My recent experiment affords undeniable proof of the Earth's unglobularity, because
it rests not on transitory vision; but my proof remains printed on the negative of
the photograph which Mr.Clifton took for me, and in my presence, on behalf of
J.H.Dallmeyer, Ltd.
A photograph can not 'imagine' nor lie!".

Offline Flat Earth Literature

Documentary: In Search of the Edge
by Scott Barrie

An Inquiry into the Shape of the Earth and the Disappearance of Andrea Barns. Humorous, thought-provoking, and at once both absurdest and matter of fact, it presents a carefully constructed argument from a definite, well-researched "flat-earth" point of view, while dismissing the "global earth" doctrine as little more than an elaborate hoax.

As seen on the Discovery Channel


ed: this film presents Leo Ferrari's model of the Flat Earth and does not necessarily reflect the model described on this site or in any of the published literature

Flat Earth: The History of an Infamous Idea
by Christine Garwood

Contrary to popular belief, fostered in countless school classrooms the world over, Christopher Columbus did not discover that the world was round. The idea of the world as a sphere had been widely accepted in scientific, philosophical and even religious circles from as early as the fourth century bc. Bizarrely, it was not until the supposedly more rational nineteenth century that the notion that the world might actually be flat really took hold. Even more bizarrely, it persists to this day, despite Apollo missions and widely publicized pictures of the decidedly spherical earth from space. Based on a range of original sources, Garwood's history of flat-earth beliefs - from the Babylonians to the present day - raises issues central to the history and philosophy of science, its relationship with religion and the making of human knowledge about the natural world. "Flat Earth" is the first definitive study of one of history's most notorious and persistent ideas, and evokes all the intellectual, philosophical and spiritual turmoil of the modern age.

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The Terrestrial Plane
by Frederick H. Cook

Universal Gravitation a Universal Fake
by Charles S. DeFord

Does the earth rotate?
by William Edgell

Earth not a globe: scientifically, geometrically, philosophically demonstrated
by Henry J. Goudey

The book of light
by Gilbert Johnson

Unpopular truth against popular error in reference to the shape of the earth
by Charles W. Morse

A challenge from the earth-flattening society
by Richard A. Proctor

The Earth: A Plane
by John E. Quinlan

He knew earth is round, but his proof fell flat
by Robert J Schadewald

The view from the edge; on the necessity of a Flat Earth
by John P. Sisk

Is the earth a whirling globe?
by Carl Albert Smith

Answers to the common 'proofs' that the earth is a globe
by Chester M. Shippey

In defense of the square peg
by Irving Wallace

The shape of the earth; some proofs for the spherical shape of the earth given in astronomical and geographical text-books examined, and shown to be unsound
by Arthur V. White

The Flat Earth and her moulder
by Ossipoff H. Woofson

Flat Earth News Quarterly (back issues)
by Charles K Johnson

Theoretical Astronomy Examined and Exposed
by William Carpenter

Unpopular truth against popular error in reference to the shape of the earth
by Charles W. Morse

Proofs (so-called) of the world's rotundity, examined in the light of facts and common sense
by the London Zetetic Society

Water, not Convex: the Earth not a Globe! Demonstrated by Alfred R. Wallace ... by experiments conducted on the Old Bedford Canal, near Downham Market, Norfolk, etc
by William Carpenter and Alfred Wallace

The Secrets of Nature Exhumed
by Lady "Zeteo" Blount

The Sea-Earth Globe and its Monstrous Hypothetical Motions
by "Zetetes" (real name unknown)

The Earth (backissues)
by Lady "Zeteo" Blount

Truth - The Earth is Flat
by Albert Smith

Is Newtonian Astronomy True?
Author Unknown

Sight Limitations
by S. G. Fowler

Zetetic Astronomy, Or the Sun's Motions North and South, with the Moon's Motions, Fancied and Real: Showing the Uselessness of the Gravitation Theory, Etc.
by Lady Blount (Elizabeth Anne Mould) and Zetetic astronomer Albert Smith

The Zetetic, a monthly journal of cosmological science.
by Brough, B.C., and 'Parallax' (pseud. Goulden, S.) Editors (London 182-1873)

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