Charles K Johnson

Image 'Charles Kenneth Johnson' (July 24, 1924, San Angelo, Texas - March 19, 2001, Lancaster, California) was, from 1972 until his death, the president and energetic promoter of the International Flat Earth Society, which he and his wife Marjory ran from their home in California. He claimed the Apollo moon landings, and space exploration in general, were faked to lead people away from the truth of the Bible, which he said taught the Earth was flat.

In 1971 (after Samuel Shenton's death), Charles K. Johnson became the new president of the Flat Earth Society. Under his leadership, over the next three decades, the group grew in size from a few members to about 3,000. Johnson distributed newsletters, flyers, maps, and other promotional materials to anyone who asked for them, and he managed all membership applications together with his wife, Marjory, who was also a flat-earther.

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