Albert Smith

Sometimes known as 'Zetetes', Albert Smith was an author and Flat Earth advocate during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. He acted as editor of Earth Not A Globe Review and worked extensively with Lady Blount (aka Zeteo) in the Universal Zetetic Society. Even after relinquishing his position of editor, he continued to write in defense of Flat Earth theory, his most popular book being Is the Earth a Whirling Globe as Assumed and Taught by Modern Astronomical 'Science'?. Like other Zetetics of the time, Smith's placed a heavy emphasis on first-hand experience as a means of attaining truth:

It yet remains for the Copernican school of Astronomy to prove that the Earth upon which we walk about so complacently, and the country which on a fine day looks so calm and peaceful, is flying through space at a total aggregate speed of something like 86,000 miles per hour. Shall we blindly believe a theory which in the nature of things is so impracticable, and a theory which directly contradicts the evidences of our God-given senses? We feel no motion; we see no motion; and we hear no motion; while our senses favour the reasonable and demonstrable fact that the earth is stationary.
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