Questions bout der ice wall and der flat earth

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Questions bout der ice wall and der flat earth
« on: April 03, 2007, 09:04:58 PM »
Does the earth spin?
How high is the ice wall?
Was March of the Penguins a conspiracy? Or were they on the other pole?
Are rainbows really a giant arc that covers the entire earth and then touches the other side of our pancake, resulting in enough gold to get us out of debt?
What holds down the ice wall? I mean is it just ice sitting on top of rock? What is the transition between rock and ice? Pudding?
Is Bush smart enough to handle a conspiracy or does he still think the world is round?
If you were to fall off the moon would people see your body before it burst into flames?
How do you know the earth is circular? Couldn't it be a square? A triangle? The shape of Satans butt?
If the earth is flat, where is Superman's lair?
If the sun is pathetically small, how does it heat up the earth?
If all energy came from the sun, and the sun is 32 miles wide, why is there energy at all?
Why 32? Jim Carry made it perfectly clear the magic number is 23.
If things get smaller as they go to the horizon, when the sun goes to the horizon does it get like, super fat?
Why will looking at a 32 mile wide ball of flames from 3000 miles away fry the snot out of your eyeballs?
If the moon is only 32 miles wide, how does it have enough gravity to hold together?
What about sunspots?
If a plane crashes on the border of the Ice wall, where are the survivors buried? If a rooster lays an egg on top of the ice wall which way will it fall? If a doctor, a priest and an Ice wall go into a bar, who crosses the road?
If there is no North, South, East and West, can we eat soggy waffles?