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Two new plugins are available in 1.6 but are disabled by default.

  • Contact Creator Help
    Creates a new linked contact record for each new user created.
  • Profile Help
    This example profile plugin allows you to insert additional fields into user registration and profile display. This is intended as an example of the types of extensions to the profile you might want to create.

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FlatEarthToday @jennifermerril2 Thanks for catching that!
FlatEarthToday @jennifermerril2 The Flat Earth Society is a legitimate organisation dedicated to truth and the Zetetic Method:
FlatEarthToday @ScienceTales I would prefer to correspond by email, at least initially. You can reach me at
FlatEarthToday @FreshbiteWon @joe_rivetti "modern day ones"? You haven't really answered my question.
FlatEarthToday @FreshbiteWon @joe_rivetti Exactly what technological advancements do you think would allow us to detect fake events from the 60s/70s?

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