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Two new plugins are available in 1.6 but are disabled by default.

  • Contact Creator Help
    Creates a new linked contact record for each new user created.
  • Profile Help
    This example profile plugin allows you to insert additional fields into user registration and profile display. This is intended as an example of the types of extensions to the profile you might want to create.

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FlatEarthToday @DraftCats @BDawsonRivals What is this supposed to prove? Horizon punctuated by terrain, and curvature uneven (suggesting distortion).
FlatEarthToday @CaricatureClub This has been argued before, and there are always assumptions about the Moon's shape at root:
FlatEarthToday @Lee_Chetwynd Went to see @NightValeRadio in Dublin tonight, it was great!
FlatEarthToday @kwhiteharmon Many people think they can see it at ground level. People see what they want to.
FlatEarthToday @kwhiteharmon Even images supposedly taken from space show only mild curvature.

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